W drodze 2016, nr 13

W drodze 2016, nr 13

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Ilość egzemplarzy ograniczona.
Zapraszamy do korzystania i czytania.

It is with a great sense of joy that we hand you this special edition of the monthly magazine „W drodze” (On the Way), published by the Polish Dominicans for over 40 years. Produced specifically to coincide with the 2016 World Youth Day, we hope that its content will help to enhance your encounter with Pope Francis.

Inside you will find articles on the beauty and power of the sacrament of reconciliation, together with others about living your faith in daily life. The theme underlining all of them matches the theme of the 2016 World Youth Day here in Cracow: Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. It is this message of love that is beyond human understanding. The message about God who is good and loving, even if we are still not ready to repent. The message about God whose arms are open to embrace us with forgiveness and the gift of peace.

We learn about this merciful face of God from many Gospel stories. The story of a criminal dying on the cross next to Jesus, whose plea for mercy – whispered in pain – opened paradise for him. The story of the prodigal son who wasted his share of the inheritance so painstakingly earned by his father – who nevertheless received him with open arms, calling him his beloved child. Or the story about the thief from Jericho named Zacchaeus, a traitor and informant, with whom Jesus himself wanted to dine.

Our wish is that you may discover in these days the power of God’s love, the love that brings us back to life. Happy are those – says the Gospel – who experience it.

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